10 Best Rubber Cement Of Office Products (2023 Guide)

Looking for the best rubber cement for your office projects? Look no further! This guide will provide you with the 10 best options on the market in 2023.

Post-it Notes, 6 x 8 Inches, 1 Pad (PKG of 12)

Post-it Notes are one of the most popular and versatile office supplies ever invented. And this 6 x 8 inch size is just right for jotting down quick notes or reminders. Each pad contains 100 sheets, and the self-adhesive design means they’ll stick to just about any surface. The bright Canary Yellow color is perfect for drawing attention, and the paper is recyclable.


Scotch Transparent Tape, 3/4 x 1296 Inches, 6 Rolls (6122)

If you’re looking for a good Scotch Transparent Tape, 3/4 x 1296 Inches, 6 Rolls (6122) review, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ll go over the features, pros and cons, and what I think of this tape overall.

First off, let’s talk about the size. This tape is 3/4″ wide and 1296″ long, which is plenty of tape for most projects. It comes in a six-roll pack, so you’ll have plenty of tape for your needs.

The tape is made of clear plastic, so it’s great for projects where you need to see what’s underneath. It’s also acid-free and won’t yellow over time.

The adhesive on this tape is strong and will hold up well to repeated use. I’ve had no problem with it coming off of surfaces or leaving any residue behind.

Overall, I think this is a great tape for the price. It’s strong, durable, and easy to use. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs a good quality transparent tape.


EXPO Dry Erase Whiteboard Cleaner, 22 oz

If you’re looking for an easy way to keep your whiteboards clean and dust-free, this Expo Dry Erase Whiteboard Cleaner is a great choice. It comes in a 22 oz bottle and is designed to quickly and easily remove dry erase ink from boards. Simply spray it on and wipe it away with a soft cloth – it’s that simple!

This cleaner is also great for removing ghosting and other stubborn stains. It’s safe to use on all types of whiteboards, including those with enamel or porcelain surfaces. And it dries quickly, so there’s no need to worry about streaks or smears.

Whether you’re using it at home or in the classroom, this Expo Dry Erase Whiteboard Cleaner is a great way to keep your boards clean and looking their best.


Mr. Sketch Smelly Markers, Fine Point, assorted colors, 12 Count

If you’re looking for smelly markers, these Mr. Sketch markers are a great option! They come in 12 assorted colors, and the fine point tips make them perfect for drawing and coloring. The markers have a strong scent that lasts for a long time, so if you’re looking for something to add some extra fun to your artwork, these are definitely worth checking out!


Elmer’s All Purpose School Glue Sticks, Clear, Washable, 7 Gram, 30 Count

If you are looking for an all-purpose glue stick that is clear, washable, and ideal for school projects, then you will want to check out Elmer’s All Purpose School Glue Sticks. These glue sticks come in a pack of 30 and each one is 7 grams. They are perfect for bonding paper, photos, and fabric, and they are acid-free, photo-safe, and non-toxic. Plus, they are washable from clothing and hands, making them ideal for school projects.

Elmer’s All Purpose School Glue Sticks go on smooth and dry clear, so you can use them without worry about any clumps or messes. They are also repositionable for up to three minutes, so you have time to make adjustments before the glue sets. And when the project is complete, the glue sticks clean up easily with just soap and water.

These glue sticks are a great choice for school projects because they are safe and easy to use. They are also a great value – you get 30 glue sticks for a very reasonable price. I would definitely recommend Elmer’s All Purpose School Glue Sticks to anyone who is looking for a good all-purpose glue stick.


Sharpie Permanent Markers, Fine Point, Black, 12 Count

If you’re looking for a fine-point black Sharpie marker, this 12-pack is a great option. The markers are permanent and have a quick-drying ink that is fade-resistant and water-resistant. They’re great for use on paper, plastic, metal, and glass. The markers have a fine point that makes them great for detailed work. The ink is non-toxic and the markers are AP-certified.


BIC Wite-Out Correction Fluid, 2 oz Bottle

If you’re looking for a correction fluid that will cover up your mistakes and help you start anew, then the BIC Wite-Out Correction Fluid is a great option. This correction fluid comes in a 2 oz bottle and is easy to use. Simply shake the bottle well before each use, and then apply the fluid to your paper with the precision tip applicator. The fluid dries quickly and is smudge-resistant, so you can be confident that your corrections will stay put. Plus, the BIC Wite-Out Correction Fluid comes in a variety of colors to match your needs. Whether you’re using it for schoolwork or for business documents, this correction fluid is a must-have.


Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens, Assorted Colors, 14 Count

Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens, Assorted Colors, 14 Count


I have been using these pens for a couple of weeks now and I absolutely love them! The colors are so bright and vibrant and the gel ink flows so smoothly. I also love how comfortable they are to hold and write with. I will definitely be purchasing more of these in the future!


Dixon Ticonderoga Woodcase Pencils, HB #2, Yellow Barrels, 72 Count (13881)


Prang Non-Toxic Watercolor Paint Set, 8 Colors in a Metal Box with Brush

The Prang Non-Toxic Watercolor Paint Set is a high-quality, affordable set that is perfect for beginning artists or those who want to try their hand at watercolors. The set includes eight colors in a metal box with a brush, and the colors can be mixed to create an infinite number of hues. The paint is non-toxic and safe for children to use, and it cleans up easily with soap and water. The set also comes with a helpful guide that teaches basic techniques for painting with watercolors.